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VR Experience today

Today, virtual reality is based on the use of technologies such as visors, glasses, screens,joysticks,gloves and more. A very addictive system, but not completed. Currently the technology has achieved remarkable results for user involvement, but something it seems to be missing. In particular, a technology that is completely immersive for the user. A system that can achieve a physical and mental involvement to 360 °, because body movements are the ones who are able to make the experience simply unique. And that's exactly where Kyneprox makes the difference!



VR Experience and training Kyneprox

The virtual reality aims to simulate the actual reality, for this reason, the key point to reach, from a technological point of view, is a fully immersive system that is able to link every single human sense.

Regarding the Experience sector Kyneprox has developed armchairs made by 3-axis linked directly to the Gear VR applications for video games for entertainment and/or promotional products.

For the Training sector, Kyneprox has created armchairs are made by 2/3 axis for simulation of driving and/or training.



- Companies operating in the entertainment sector (Most do not have dynamic simulators gambling halls)
- Companies operating in the field of vocational simulation (personnel training through simulation platforms)


IMMERSIVE 360 ° VIDEO - Synchronized Video 3-axis armchairs

TRAINING SIMULATOR - 2/3 axis armchairs for simulation of drives and/or training.