Kinematic Simulator

Vr experience & training

3-axis armchairs for VR Gear applications for video games. Training Simulator. Inertial transport.

Industrial application

Inerzial Trasports accessory for armchairs 1 anti-skid axle for operating or agricultural.

Anti-seismic systems

The KSJ system uses steel components appropriately constrained to decouple the horizontal motion.



• Kinematics Solution never used before 
• Innovative and modular Mechanical construction 
• Very low Power Required (200 W) 
• Machine power working on low voltage (24 Vdc) 
• Very High Sustainable Loads 
• Does not need pneumatic and / or HYDRAULIC systems 
• Possibility of engineering platforms made by 2/3 axes of Any Size with SAME original standards

More Details
2/3 axes


We are looking for Integrators and developers related to the vide gaming world (Most game development companies are structured to design and sell software, not hardware, the game software must be made ad hoc for the individual platform management)

Companies operating in the entertainment sector (Most of the videogames halls don’t have this type of hardware)

Companies operating in the field of reality simulation (personnel training through simulation platforms)


Video games users (ability to purchase and use in the home by customizing the seating and accessories, with a relatively small space needed)

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